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May 25th, 2006

12:08 pm - CAMP ANTHEM!
Alright, I've searched high and low, listened to all I could listen to and this one...just gets right to what we're doing here. Figuring things out, and helping each other when it's too tough to handle, working through. Please download, listen and enjoy.

Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap (click to download)


*Thank you to slashfairy for the upload link!*
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap

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April 26th, 2006

06:33 pm - First one in a while....
And they're from this thread

First of all...this one is much too much like Jake for my liking right now, can't even begin to say how awful I feel for thinking that but, you'll see.

Flawed Design - Stabilo (Click to Download)

LyricsCollapse )

And this one just breaks my heart and heals it at the same time...and it was on the radio when they were leaving.

The Grace - Neverending White Lights feat. Dallas Green (Alexisonfire) (Click to download)

LyricsCollapse )
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: Rebellion (Lies) - The Arcade Fire

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October 13th, 2005

07:36 pm - Here's a few new ones - YouSendIt files included
First of all, let us hop over to the bit of renovation thread when Scarlett's listening to her iPod and the Black Eyed Peas are on. Love this song, it's really really fun and upbeat but it's talking about liars! And normally she probably wouldn't be bopping along to a song about lying and cheating (I hate liars and so does she) but it's musically fun.

Title: Don't Lie
Artist: The Black Eyed Peas

LyricsCollapse )

Further down in said renovation thread when Scarlett tries to cheer Tobey up a little bit by singing this song and roping him into dancing with her.

Title: Bad Day
Artist: Daniel Powter

LyricsCollapse )

Now....laters, over in the thread where Scarlett stays late to finish the painting and Keanu shows up, they end up talking and this song is playing on the iPod. Another Canadian artist, it's not much once you hear it first, but it grows on you.

Title: Whatever it takes my Love
Artist: Ron Sexsmith

LyricsCollapse )

And then...later on in the thread, after the bath and such, Scarlett's in Ke's Room, singing when he gets there. This one is so pretty, haunting, from Escaflowne: The Movie, thought it appropriate after a hot bath, she's a little loopy and tired and something soothing and trancelike would suit.

Title: Sora (Sky)
ETA - Artist: Have a feeling it's Maaya Sakamoto again, but not exactly sure, it didn't say who was singing. Yoko Kanno

Lyrics and Translation - Ancient Romanian

Whew, there, done....that's it for a little while methinks. Dunno if anyone actually reads this or what but, you're missing out on some good songs if you don't.

Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Do you want to - Franz Ferdinand

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September 13th, 2005

08:13 pm - He sings like an angel!
Okay, so I got this new CD and one of the songs just got to me, it's James Marsters' new CD 'Civilized Man' (if you're wondering if the name sounds familiar, he's Spike from Buffy and Angel...and a total sweetheart btw!).

Anyway, it struck me as the perfect song for this part of this thread. You'll see...Keanu always liked when Scarlett smiles, said it brings light, so I thought this song appropriate.

Title: Smile (Yousendit File)
Artist: James Marsters

LyricsCollapse )

Enjoy, he sings beautifully....I love him to pieces! ;D
Current Mood: touchedtouched
Current Music: Under your spell - Amber Benson

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July 29th, 2005

10:28 am - The Tattooed Kickass Gothy Chick Returns
Okay, so I've picked up Bif Naked's new album Superbeautifulmonster, and it fucking kicks ass! I think everyone should listen to at least one of her albums and this one be the one. I love every song on here and she does a great rendition of Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters'. If you've never listened to her she's sort of pop-punk-rock...I guess that's the only way to describe her, in my mind at least.

So anyways, the songs. The first one here (incidentally the first one on the album), I think everyone at camp and in RL has felt this way at one point or another.

Title: Abandonment
Artist: Bif Naked

LyricsCollapse )

And...this one, is for all the girls at camp...because when I hear it, it reminds me of their situations and I think it's pretty close! It's a great song and her first release off of the new album.

Title: Let Down
Artist: Bif Naked

LyricsCollapse )

Current Mood: hyperhyper

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July 20th, 2005

10:28 am - Two...one is actually instrumental
Hi Hi...I've got two for you, with yousendit files so you can actually hear them.

First of all, this is the 2nd song that Scarlett plays on the piano, with Hunter accompanying. This is from Shoujo Kakumei Utena as well, it's a piano duet actually played by characters who are twins in the anime. It's quite beautiful and I wanted to share.

The Sunlit Garden

And the first one she sings is sung by the same girl who sang "Hikari no naka e"...this is from Tenku No Escaflowne. The lyrics are very pretty and so is the song, albeit with a small bagpipe interlude near the end.

Title: Yakusoku wa Iranai; I don't need Promises
Sung by: Sakamoto Ma'aya (Hitomi)
Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho
Composition/Arrangement: Kanno Youko

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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July 18th, 2005

04:12 pm - Crying, over you...
Roy Orbison is who you'd think of, the way I've turned into a faucet these last couple-three days. You'll never guess who my real sound track is:
Xena and Gabrielle. That's right. Mr. Psychological has become a closet Xena-freak.
Specifically, these songs from "the Bitter Suite":
Read more...Collapse )
Current Music: The Bitter Suite

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July 5th, 2005

02:13 pm - Oh Sweet Jesus
Ok, this one is just plain perfect and an absolutely fabulous song!!!

This song...reminds me of this bit from the solstice thread!!! And, it's 'The Killers' which, right now is Scarlett's favourite band (as is mine) and Brandon Flowers' voice could probly melt the pants right off her (psht, she told me to say that, bad girl)! So anyway, just a few things tipped me off about this song, they both need help in their own way, they really don't want to fight anything anymore, they want to hide and well...if you read the bit and then read and listen to the song, you'll get why I think it's appropriate.

Title: All these things that I've done
Artist: The Killers

LyricsCollapse )

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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June 30th, 2005

10:18 pm - Wishing she had her CD Player
Scarlett's still iffy-sick, wishing she had her CD player (no worries Billy, keep the iPod for as long as you want! =* ) so she could listen to this song. Kind of reminds her of her club days back in New York, but she loves the chorus to this song and the beat...so so good!

Title: Don't Phunk With My Heart
Artist: The Black Eyed Peas

LyricsCollapse )

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, this song...goes with this picture!

Title: Don't Cha
Artist: Pussycat Dolls

LyricsCollapse )

Current Mood: cold - and loving it!

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01:53 pm - Sound Track for the Shaman at the Solstice Party
The Solstice Party
African Drums yousendit file
Didgeridu yousendit file
Djembe Drumming yousendit file
Goa Gil Drumming yousendit file

Baba Olatunji, African Drumming Website, links to music
R. Carlos Nakai, Native American Flute Website, links to music
Didjeridu information and sound files Website, links to music

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